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Welcome Kyuubii!


Today we mark a very important day in German esports history. 

Sprout and the esports player foundation have paved the way for Can “kyuubii” Kamber to be educated at the Tannenbusch highschool alongside the athletics of Olympic sports. Not only that, but also can we proudly announce that he will be added to the active roster with immediate effect. Can has proven to be an exceptional talent and we are more than delighted that we are able to offer such a big chance for him.

Can “kyuubii” Kamber is going to start with classes right away and has stated that he is very thankful about this chance that is given to him. We, Sprout, see ourselves in the position to motivate other organizations to join us in promotion talents and hope to be a good example for further collaborations.

“Can is an outstanding talent and a true role model for an upcoming generation of professional and successful esports players. He plans his career for the long term and does not focus on short-term success, but on sustainable career development. This also includes that he completes a solid education in order to have a certain security for his further life and career. We are sure that this will make him more successful in the long run, as he will be freer in his mind, knowing that he won’t be existentially dependent on the next tournament thanks to the school certificate. The Olympic sport has shown for decades that it is possible to combine competitive sport and education and we are very happy that one of the outstanding elite schools, the Tannenbusch Gymnasium in Bonn, has accepted Can as its first esports athlete. Can won’t be treated any differently, but his lessons and exams will be adjusted to allow for his training and competition periods. In addition, there are digital learning opportunities and individual assistance. Can is supported in Bonn on an equal footing with national squads from Olympic sports. At this point, I would also like to emphasize the commitment of Sprout. Without the support of the organization none of this would have been possible. With that Sprout demonstrates a high degree of responsibility and professionalism. We need significantly more world class players in total, but this will only be possible if we all start with the promotion of talents earlier and show a clear way how the dream of being the best player in the world can be combined with a solid secure life planning that guarantees, even in the absence of sporting success, that a favorable professional perspective is given. This is a social task that we and the top organizations are facing.”
“Today is a very special day for us as we facilitate an extraordinary approach of talent promotion in cooperation with the esports player foundation for one of the most promising upcoming talents: Can “kyuubii” Kamber. We are aiming to allow him sound education and growth in esports. Thus, we are glad that Joerg Adami found a school that would make this step possible, the Tannenbusch Gymnasium in Bonn. Both of our Coaches Niclas Krumhorn and Jan Westerheide are going to work with him intensively to teach him tactical knowledge, necessary communication skills and team play. Can will also regularly attend training and theory lessons and join us for boot camps to give him all the insights he needs. To support and deepen his practical experience he will engage in the German championship as well. In the medium term, we want to give Can more and more assignments by substituting players that are prevented from playing due to health issues or private affairs. His long-term perspectives and options depend on his development, and the level he can reach through our concept will be discussed with him and his school on an ongoing basis. We are looking forward on going this path hand in hand and wish him all the best for his 16th birthday!”