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Welcome Agurin


Sprout debuted in League of Legends by the last quarter of 2021. Now in 2022, we come in with a breeze of fresh air! It is with great pleasure that we welcome our newest streamer to the Sprout-squad. Please, embrace our new arrival:

Muhammed ‘Agurin‘ Kocak

The 26 years old goes by the name ‘Momo‘ who has made himself a notable name in the German scene, as he is one of the top 10 EUW players for numerous seasons already. His most played position is of course Jungle where everything blooms and sprouts, what better narrative could there be?

Agurin streams daily in the early noon, but not only that, daily YouTube videos are also on the schedule. With such in mind, we are super excited to see what the upcoming year has in store for us. See you on the Rift, Momo!

Check out his stream!