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Without them, Sprout would only be as half as Sproutastic. Check out our dedicated and talented streamers!


Present not only on TikTok but also on Youtube and especially Twitch, Faye entertains you in the Just Chatting section with topics ranging from lifestyle to fitness and gaming. Such a great mix is certain to spark curiosity!


Mats better known as P4wnyhof has become a true Warzone icon these days. The cherished family father and devoted full-time streamer, maintains a tight stream schedule, being active almost daily. Despite his mother tongue being German, P4wnyhof sticks to streaming in English and with that inspires a vast international audience. Ready to join his 5am Gang?


MissMoeppi is not only part of our Social Media team but also a member of the Sprout streamer squad. With her quirky personality she brings joy to her community on a regular basis.


MeloOniE enchants her viewership with impressive gameplay and relaxing chit-chats. Also, she provides with a great variety of games, mostly Battle Royale. Watch her outshine her opponent in Call of Duty: Warzone or Apex Legends as she streams almost daily.

Lea Charelle

Sprout’s first streaming team addition brings you almost daily thrills. A must-have in our lineup, that’s for sure!


Zester joined the Sprout streamer squad in the beginning of 2021 and is a jolly night owl with superb gameplay and sheer hair, both, equally jaw dropping.


Chimposant plays everything he can lay his hands on! But not only that, he is a secret, by now not so secret anymore, master chef. He loves to teach and help his community by cooking them very delicious vegetarian or vegan meals, twice a week. Meet this bubbly personality and convince yourself.


Rowsoter is a lovely young lady that has been into gaming from an early age on, dedicated to cheer up her audience with her endearing nature. Besides Counter-Strike, she likes to dive into story-driven games as well as juking killers in Dead by Daylight.


KONFV, calls himself an old man, but we can assure you, he is not (at least from the inside). Moe is one of a kind and his regular community already worships his craziness and spontaneity. When only little he found his passion for gaming and has been playing ever since, besides, he studies and works in the media sector.
Ready for great and entertaining streams? Check out this chirpy Dead by Daylight legend.


Angie is fairly new to the streaming thing but already entertains her audience with her upbeat heart and impressive skills. The Russian power-house has all it takes to roughen up the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene and make her enemies go crazy!