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Without them, Sprout would only be as half as Sproutastic. Check out our dedicated and talented streamers!


Dennis ‘Scrapie’ Heinen is not only a professional Trackmania player, but a streamer likewise. The young Belgian talent speaks three languages fluently, German, English and French and engages in exciting Trackmania races daily.


MissMoeppi is not only part of our Social Media team but also a member of the Sprout streamer squad. With her quirky personality she brings joy to her community on a regular basis.


MeloOniE enchants her viewership with impressive gameplay and relaxing chit-chats. Also, she provides with a great variety of games, mostly Battle Royale. Watch her outshine her opponent in Call of Duty: Warzone or Apex Legends as she streams almost daily.

Lea Charelle

Sprout’s first streaming team addition brings you almost daily thrills. A must-have in our lineup, that’s for sure!


Chimposant plays everything he can lay his hands on! But not only that, he is a secret, by now not so secret anymore, master chef. He loves to teach and help his community by cooking them very delicious vegetarian or vegan meals, twice a week. Meet this bubbly personality and convince yourself.