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League Of Legends 2023


We here at Sprout Esports are excited to announce the signing of several new talented and already Sprout-proven players to our roster for the upcoming 2nd Division of the PrimeLeague. First, we would like to introduce our coaches: 

🇩🇪 Julian ‘Primal’ Romeike
🇩🇪 Fabian ‘Glupanda’ von Riegen

Both of these individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, and we are confident that they will guide us to success. On the player front, we are excited to bring:

🇩🇪 Marc ‘Ephekles’ Küchler
🇩🇪 Leon ‘Riku’ Ali
🇫🇷 Tristan ‘Pak‘ Bourquelot
🇫🇷 Stephane ‘Manaty’ Dimier
🇧🇦 Fabijan ‘Raider’ Mandarić

to the team! We are confident that these players will make a strong addition to our team and help lead us to victory in the PrimeLeague. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for us, and we are grateful to have such a talented and dedicated group of individuals as part of our organization. Stay tuned for updates on our progress!