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Please welcome Meloonie!


Wednesday, three weeks ago, we introduced to you MeloOniE as our newest family member, joining the Sprout streamer squad. Beforehand, Mel was contracted to North which disband in early 2021. The eager player tied the knots with Sprout shortly after and we are super happy to have her now as content creator.

“I am super happy to announce that from now on I am a content creator for @sproutGG!! Excited for this new journey with this uprising and fantastic Esport Organisation!”


Everything began when she was only young with a N64, which she found interest in and discovered her passion for gaming. However, she lost sight of it a little due to her education which she was very avid and diligent about. Eventually, when she acquired her university degree successfully, she would use her spare time to play again, falling in love with Shooters. With her notable skill and lovely personality, she quickly made her mark in the national and international Twitch scene so that she was able to become a full-time streamer by the end of 2015. Since then, her community kept growing and growing. Unlike most of our streamers, Mel streams mostly Battle Royal games, covering several ones. Such as PUBG, Apex: Legends and CoD: Warzone. But not only that, relaxing Just Chatting streams with her two cats, Filou and Nugget are also on the menu.
Again, we are so happy to now be part of her journey and are excited for what the future holds for us. We will support her with whatever we can to make her achieve her goals.

“I hope to keep growing my community, especially regarding variety streaming. So, it doesn’t matter what game I play, the people enjoy their stay!”