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Charity Livestream


After weeks of preparation on December the 13th, our first and emotional charity event took place. Sprout collected money for the honorable ‘The Homeless Dogs E.v’ organization that cares, rescues, fosters and searches new homes for the animals that are in dire need of help on the streets of Romania. We were absolutely overwhelmed by the great support and feedback we have received, collecting a total of over 7.500€ that went directly to the organization. The raised money benefits the animals 100%, providing the shelters with much-needed food and medical supplies, as well as improving the local infrastructure and building shelters for the dogs to protect them from rain and cold.

It was a pleasure to work with ‘The Homeless Dogs E.v’and we are extremely thankful for the Sprout streamers that took part in. Also, special thanks to the participating external streamers: Shushu, Gippigaming and Dathrix! Last but not least, all love to the supporters and Sproutlings that went along with us to make this happen. You are Sprouttastic.