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Back to the roots!


Welcome Christoph & Patrick


Give a warm welcome to the two German legends to join us! We are very happy that Christoph “red” Hinrichs und Patrick Jan “P4TriCK” Zaremba have found a home with us and represent our roots at the #ESLMeisterschaft. 🤝💚

We are very happy to welcome Christoph “red” Hinrichs and Patrick Jan “P4TriCK” Zaremba. They will complete our finalized roster, which was already announced last week, and represent us in the upcoming season of the German ESL Championship. We have been shaping the German ESL Championship over the past years and an active participation is still close to our hearts. However, this restructuring was a necessary step in order to assert ourselves internationally. We are aware that the majority wants to see us represented by German players as much as possible. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to keep two German line-ups constantly in the Top 20, as the past has already shown. Nevertheless, it is an important matter for us to contribute something to the preservation of the German scene, especially now that many German organizations have been forced to withdraw from the German scene and thus many German players have lost their home in e-sports. Until a permanent solution is found, Christoph and Patrick can pursue their passion with us and continue to play Counter-Strike.
We remain part of the German championship and are already looking forward to the upcoming season. #GrowSprout🌱