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A new chapter


With today, Sprout’s fruitful ground becomes home to another vigorous seedling. In practical terms, this means, two families merged into one. Former esports organization ‘‘ has decided to join the forces of Sprout to utilize the knowledge, expertise and support of a seasoned esports organization. ” […] With this new step, we will have many more resources and a very good infrastructure for the future. […] ” says Lucas ‘Captn’ Sude, the now League of Legends team manager and former founder of Alongside the new League of Legends team manager, two coaches, five players, and one substitute player join the Sprout family to complete the international line-up.

🇪🇪 Markus ‘ACD‘ Käpp
🇦🇹 Viktor Ede ‘pocok‘ Csernay
🇨🇭 Simon ‘punchy‘ Bundi
🇫🇷 Đai-vinh ‘Veignorem‘ Lussiez
🇫🇷 Tristan ‘Pak‘ Bourquelot

🇩🇪 Benedikt ‘tensor‘ Keim (Substitute)
🇩🇪 Ben-Luca ‘NiceGuyBen‘ Nordgerling (Coach)
🇮🇹 Giacomo ‘Ponty‘ Pontara (Coach)

"For a young player like me, it is a unique opportunity to prove my skills with this roster. Especially, Sprout with as an organization provides optimal conditions to achieve great. Both out of game and ingame we are well-endowed and that is already coming to bear during bootcamp."

The last few days have helped us grow together as a team, and we have been very productive. I believe that we are a top contender for the Pro Div promotion and I together with the team are looking forward to the following months.
In early 2021,, a rebrand of AeQ Esports which was founded in 2016, debuted (Sounds familiar?). The organization was established to join and stir up the competitive League of Legends scene and before long the League of Legends roster has managed to climb the podium, finishing third at the 1 DIV Prime League in August of this year. It quickly became clear that this accomplishment would only mark the beginning, and the idea of taking the next step was born. It will be exciting to see what the new League of Legends team will be able to achieve in the upcoming season, as expectations are high, and we are looking forward to conquering the League of Legends scene.