Important Changes

Dear Sproutlings,

With the apparent absence of success, following our RMR run last week, we spent a lot of time reflecting on our situation together as a team. 

After intense and careful deliberation, we have recognized that we need to make extensive changes in order to be well-positioned in the competitive scene, especially now as we await a new era with CS2, without losing sight of our philosophy.

"In the fast-paced world of esports making the right call for player- and roster changes can be challenging. Often, we’ve only had a brief time period to test various players and eventually pick a candidate. With little to no time, one will never know for sure if a decision is fitting until further. It simply isn’t possible to anticipate all circumstances and aspects that play into team dynamics."

In the past we have paved the way for young talents to emerge and join the big guys as we accompanied and teached them intensively on their journey. We enjoyed seeing them flourish and blossom as our most recent youngsters did, lauNX and Staehr. In regards to the  aforementioned challenges, we are excited to announce that we will be fulfilling a long-awaited project this summer by creating an Academy-Team. We are fully committed to take our talent promotion to the next level, building this Academy-Team from scratch to the best of our abilities and being a mentor for the talents throughout. In hopes that we raise the seedlings that may be the foundation for our future main team.

“I am thrilled to be involved in our upcoming CS:GO academy team project. I see this team not as a separate entity but as a second team that will bring great value to our organization. I will be heavily involved in this project, serving not only as a distant observer but also as a full-fledged supportive coach as much as I can. Our primary goal is to find the right players who have the talent, skill, and dedication to compete at the highest levels.”

Speaking of, there are necessary short-term changes taking immediate effect as we enter the period of roster readjustment officially once again. First, after a rather brief journey, parting ways with Aaron ‘AZR’ Ward. We thank him for his efforts and the experience he brought to the team. We wish Aaron the best for his further journey.

Despite the sudden and challenging nature of this alteration, we are fully committed to pushing forward and work hard in order to achieve our long-term goals. In regards to the roster, we are now going back to trialing for an IG Leader, which will extend to both our officials and practice games. This may result in weekly changing players taking part. 

That being said, we are dedicated to making progress and continuing to grow as a team to emerge steeled for the challenges waiting ahead.

Sprout x Ducky

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We are thrilled to announce our newest sponsor, Ducky, a renowned mechanical keyboard manufacturer based in Taiwan. As a company that shares our values of innovation and progress, we couldn’t be more excited to have them on board. 
Established in 1998, Ducky founded its own brand in 2008, and ever since, they have strived to provide users with mechanical keyboards of the highest standard. Today, they are one of the top mechanical keyboard manufacturers in the world, with a reputation for delivering products that are innovative, performance-oriented, and solidly built.  
As we continue our journey in the competitive gaming scene, we are confident that our partnership with Ducky will help elevate our performance and give us the competitive edge we need. Their high-quality, innovative products will not only provide our team members with the best tools for success but also align perfectly with our brand values. 
We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with Ducky and are excited to showcase their incredible products to our fans and the esports community.  
With Ducky by our side, we are ready to reach new heights in esports excellence!
“If you want to come out top, you need the cream of the crop! Ducky's commitment to delivering top-of-the-line products with exceptional quality and performance aligns perfectly with our team's goals! Their keyboards are an ideal choice for competitive gaming. We're confident that Ducky will help our players perform at their best, and we're excited to see what this partnership will bring for both our team and Ducky.”