Welcome PEAK!

Welcome Peak!

Our fruitful year of 2022 slowly comes to a close, but not without ending it on a high note. We officially welcome our newest partner and sponsor to the ranks: PEAK ESPORTS. Now accompanied by PEAK we are ready to make it to the next level thanks to their expertise and products befitting of champions. True to their maxim, “BUFFED to the limits”, together we introduce to you the future of boosters. BUFFED is the result of thoughtful and innovative research to elevate the performance of professional esport athletes, improving reaction time, focus and the ability to concentrate. Unlike other conventional Gaming Boosters, PEAK: BUFFED waive unnecessary and cheap filler materials and high levels of sugar that only cause disproportionate high-calorie-bombs, and are also suited for a vegan diet. In addition, PEAK: BUFFED stands out due to a very rich and innovative ingredient complex.


“We at PEAK have been manufacturing high-quality sports nutrition since the beginning of the 2000s. […] With BUFFED, we are setting out for new horizons, and we are bringing our extensive know-how from 20 years of product development to the field of eSports. PEAK: BUFFED relies on a selected combination of different amino acids, patented ingredients such as Brainberry® and enXtra, highly concentrated plant extracts and the essential vitamins B3, B6 and B12.”

– Nicolas Drapala, CEO of PEAK


The last months PEAK: BUFFED has undergone an extensive testing period with our professional esport athletes and they were able to convince to the fullest. 


“We are very happy to have a great company that originated from the fitness scene as a partner in esports. I have used the booster for a few months now, and it tastes yummy, always my choice to channel the extra energy for important matches. I can’t wait for more products to come, as well as more flavors. I feel like PEAK supports me on my esports journey to the fullest extent.”

– Fritz ‘slaxz-‘ Dietrich, Player of Sprout


Thanks to this partnership with PEAK: BUFFED, new standards have been set.

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