Sprout Esports is ceasing operations with immediate effect. As we concluded our preparations for the coming year, we were informed that our year will be cut short. After revisiting our strategy it became clear that a decision had to be made regarding the future of Sprout. 

Our current business model is no longer viable to ensure required sustainable and healthy growth. In the history of Sprout it always has been a struggle to keep up with the loss of rising talents, and the challenges which come, while rebuilding the active roster frequently, resulting in losing precious progress over and over again. When looking at alternative strategies, e.g. increasing incentives therefore increasing the potential of success, we found that this model carried risk above what we’d consider our comfort zone. Embracing a model that deviates significantly from our established approach has been deemed too risky for us to pursue.

We have come to the conclusion that our model of developing talents and passing them on in their blossom is not financially sustainable without occasionally being a challenger to play on the biggest and most prestigious stages. And in this growing industry it has been proven to be harder and harder to reach those big stages.

It’s with a heavy heart that we take this step and say our final goodbyes, knowing our roots run deep. Our journey was an exciting one and something we will never forget, especially because of all the amazing Sproutlings that have tagged along. Our gratitude belongs to each and every one of you who have made this journey possible and as exciting as it was. There is one thing for sure: without you we could never have done it. 

We look back onto 6 years filled with diligence, commitment and passion. Etched in the halls of esports valor with 7 German Championship titles, unforgettable appearances at Katowice, Dallas and Cologne, and especially peaking at the most prestigious events in Counter-Strike, the ELEAGUE Boston and the IEM Rio CS:GO Majors. But not only that, going down memory lane, our gratitude also belongs to influencers, content creators, streamers, our partners and sponsors, players across all divisions and talents we worked with.

As we turn the final page of Sprout Esports, we do know that the seed we have sown will continue to live on through the many dedicated players who wore our jersey wholeheartedly. Not to mention how much it fills us with pride to see how many talents we have given the possibility to thrive, exceed their limits and now roam the competition. They continue to carry out our legacy. 

One says “all good things must come to an end” and here we are and as much as it aches our hearts to step aside. We are also making space for new seedlings, in hopes to leave behind fertile grounds where new sprouts can flourish. All operations will be ceased today except for the Simracing Team, which we continue to support in another way.

In regards to our other players and staff they are released of all contract related obligations, effective immediately. In hopes of finding new homes as soon as possible – we wish them nothing but the best for all their future endeavors.

Wherever a plant shrivels aways, another one grows in its place, hopefully even brighter and more beautiful, promise! And with that we are coming to an end but let us hear it one last time: #GrowSprout.